PRO Plus Series Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

PRO Plus Series Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

The new PRO Plus Series of Coriolis Mass Flow Meters presents an accurate and highly repeatable meter with the smallest installation length on the market for installation into systems where space is limited. The TCD transmitter offers greater robustness, performance, diagnostics, and connectivity options. With a modern HMI interface and a strong logging functionality, the DSP transmitters provide users with an efficient configuration and analysis tool.

PRO Plus Series Features:

• High dosing accuracy due to short response time (max. 10 ms)
• Suitability for pump monitoring and fast control circuits due to 100 Hz refresh rate
• Extremely short installation length for easy fit in most system configurations
• High zero stability for drift-free accuracy and long-term stability
• Extensive diagnostics and self-monitoring, including empty pipe detection

Nominal Line Size: 1/2″ inch DN15 mm
Mass Flow Rate (max.): 6400 kg/h  235 lb/min
Volumetric Flow Rate (max.): 6400 l/h 28 gpm 970 bbl/d

Nominal Line Size: 1″ inch DN25 mm
Mass Flow Rate (max.): 17,700 kg/h  650 lb/min
Volumetric Flow Rate (max.): 17,700 l/h 78 gpm 2670 bbl/d

Nominal Line Size: 2″ inch DN50 mm
Mass Flow Rate (max.): 70,700 kg/h  2600 lb/min
Volumetric Flow Rate (max.): 70,700 l/h 311 gpm 10,700 bbl/d