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Introducing the World’s First and Only MI-002 Certified High Pressure Hydrogen Flow Meter

Karlsfeld, Germany and Oak Creek, WI – April 30, 2018 – KEM Küppers Elektromechanik GmbH and AW-Lake Company proudly announce that their TCMH 0450 High Pressure TRICOR Coriolis flow meter is the world’s first MI-002 /OIML137 certified Coriolis flow meter for hydrogen dispensing applications.

By securing this certification, the TCMH 0450 can now be used in custody transfer applications – specifically in hydrogen dispensing stations for the fast-growing hydrogen-powered vehicle market. A recent industry report by Research and Markets predicts that over 22.2 million hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be sold or leased worldwide generating collective revenues upwards of $1.1 trillion for the auto industry. The TCMH 0450 flow meter allows companies to comply with fuel dispensing and taxation guidelines when selling hydrogen fuel to consumer end users.  Dispensing and taxing of hydrogen is only permitted with a certified fuel dispenser.

“Hydrogen is a very light gas that requires a high energy density to produce sufficient energy for the car,” explains Marius Merten, TRICOR Coriolis Business Development Manager. “Therefore, flow meters in hydrogen dispensers must operate at high pressures (up to 1050 bar), and tolerate extreme and rapid temperature changes. These demanding conditions make it technologically difficult for custody transfer measurements to be performed according to the international regulations for gases. With the TCMH 0450 TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meter, we are the first and only manufacturer to fulfill current international regulations for hydrogen dispensing applications. This type of innovation is a core competency of our company group.”

Click here for more information on the new MI-002/OIML137 certified high pressure hydrogen flow meter from TRICOR or contact Marius Merten at merten@kem-kueppers.

TRICOR Website Includes Product Configurator with 3D Modeling

New Functionality on the TRICOR Website Allows Customers to Configure and Model the Precise Coriolis Meter for their Needs

A new online part configurator tool was recently added to product pages of the TRICOR website to help customers configure Coriolis mass meters and build part numbers. The robust configurator tool built by CADENAS PARTsolutions guides users through a series of selection options including process connections, temperature range, electronics type, interface, supply voltage and EX protection. A dynamic 3D model is generated from the selections made that can be manipulated within the viewing window, along with the specific part number for streamlined ordering. Engineers can also download the 3D model in a wide variety of file formats to include in their own projects. We expect this to be a popular feature for customers who are seriously examining the TRICOR TCM product line for their next process control project.

To view the tool for yourself, go to the TRICOR website today and take it for a spin.



Designed for accurate measurement of very low flow rates, this new MicroTRICOR TCM 0100 mass flow meter is suitable for dosing, blending and batching in applications such as chemical injection, precision painting and coating applications, and batch processing. It is the only meter of its kind that offers a compact dual tube design (for greater stability and resistance to external vibration) that is rated for use at high pressures (up to 5,000 psi). The 316L stainless steel tubes measure flow rates as low as 300 grams/hr (5cc/min).

Switching to Mass Measurement

 Unlike volumetric flow meters, the MicroTRICOR meter measures mass instead of volume, providing for greater accuracy as the mass of a fluid or gas remains constant and is unaffected by changing process conditions such as temperature, pressure and viscosity.  As a result, process engineers get truer readings in all conditions from the MicroTRICOR Mass Meter.

Maintenance Free Operation

With no filter requirements and no moving parts such as gears that can corrode and fail, this low flow Coriolis meter requires little to no maintenance, providing long-term operation. The units are flushable and simple to clean. In addition to that, the TCM 0100 offers fast response times and high repeatability.

Options and Choices

Having all wetted components made of 316L stainless steel, this meter is compatible with most fluids. Multiple connection types are available including NPT, AutoClave, and tubing. The TCM 0100 Mass Flow Meter is EX certified with ATEX, IECEx, EAC certifications and a pending CSA rating.  The MicroTRICOR Meter is sold with TCE transmitters that are available with analog, frequency pulse and status outputs.  Transmitters can be ordered as panel mount or remote field mount versions.

For more information about the MicroTRICOR TCM 0100 HERE.

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TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meter TCMH 0450



We are pleased to announce the release of our new TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, the TCMH 0450 for high-pressure liquid and gas applications. It was designed with multiple tube material options to address 2 specific challenges encountered by our industrial customers:

  • 316 SS tubes for High Pressure Chemical Injection (up to 15,200 psi) found in the upstream Oil & Gas industry
  • Sandvik® Alloy HP160 tubes to avoid Hydrogen Embrittlement as found in High Pressure Hydrogen Fueling Stations

This new meter is also well suited to other liquid measurement processes such as engine test benches, and high pressure gas measurement in numerous other industries.


  • 3 pressure ratings (6,000 psi, 10,000 psi, and 15,200 psi)
  • High flow accuracy: 0.2% for liquids, 1% for gases
  • EX Certifications: CSA (US & Canada), ATEX, IECEx
  • NACE compliance

You can find all relevant information concerning our new product in the Sales Release Presentation, including:

  • Technical Details (overviews, drawings, connections etc.)
  • Typical Applications
  •  Documents & Tools

TRICOR CRN Certified Canada



AW-LAKE COMPANY recently completed CRN registration of the TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meters. They are now CRN certified within five provinces of Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.

The CRN registration opens the door for TRICOR Flow Meter use in oil and gas processes, wastewater, nuclear plants, food and beverage processes and other applications within Canada where customers must specify equipment compliant with Canadian B51 standards.  For example, government-run facilities within Canada, such as water treatment plant and hydro-electric power plants, can now specify the TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meters as design requirements meet pressure vessel codes at stated working pressures.

Picture TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meter TCM 3100 Alu + Stainless Steel Electronics


Just Released from TRICOR: The New 3” Coriolis Flow Meter

Franksville, Wisconsin- [July 24, 2014] – TRICOR Coriolis Technology is pleased to announce the release of their new 3” Coriolis flow meter to add to their TCM series.  This meter is particularly well suited to the Oil & Gas Industry in applications such as measuring the midstream transportation of oil & gas, rail car & truck loading, allocation metering in crude oil and natural gas production, and metering of refined products in downstream production applications, as well as a whole host of other industries.

The new flow meter can measure flows 230,000 kg/hr, (8,433 lbs/min) or 230,000 lph (1012 gpm / 34,700 Bbl/day), and withstand pressures up to 1450 psi (100 bar) with a high degree of accuracy (0.1% of reading). This new meter will soon have the following hazardous area certifications: ATEX Ex IIC T4, IECEx, Zone 1, Group IIB, T4, and CSA/cUS Class 1 Div 1.

“We are very pleased to offer this new 3” Coriolis meter to the flow measurement industry and our customers who’ve been asking for it. Our development engineers have meticulously designed this new size for the best possible accuracy and resistance to external vibration. TRICOR will continue to develop this TCM Series with more sizes in accordance to our customers’ needs,” stated Mark Iverson, TRICOR Program Director.

TRICOR Coriolis Technology (www.tricorflow.com), a brand of AW-Lake Company, focused on Coriolis mass flow measurement technology. With manufacturing & engineering facilities in Wisconsin, Colorado and Germany, and a comprehensive global distribution network, TRICOR flow meters are available around the world.

TRICOR Coriolis Technology announces new “Fast Lane” Expedited Ordering

Franksville, Wisconsin- May 22, 2014- Tricor Coriolis Technology is pleased to announce they will now offer customers a “Fast Lane” order service featuring short delivery times on standard TCM Coriolis Flow Meters orders of 1-3 pcs. This will be particularly attractive to small and mid-sized customers, or those in need of fast replacement meters.

“In response to our customers, we have determined that having an expedited ordering process in place is an enhanced service offering that will satisfy a growing need in the marketplace. We’ve chosen non-EX meters that have been in high demand from our existing customer base, and will offer a wide array of flange options in the Fast Lane,” stated Mark Iverson, Tricor Program Director.

CSA / cUS Certified TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meters

Franksville, Wisconsin- April 4, 2013- Tricor Coriolis Technology is pleased to announce their full line of Coriolis Flow Meters are CSA/cUS certified for use in Class I, Div 1, Groups C & D hazardous locations. This is particularly important to engineers designing systems in offshore and petrochemical markets, because it ensures compliance with all standards set forth by CSA International for safety and performance.

“In order to increase our business in areas such as the offshore and petrochemical markets, having products with hazardous area certifications is crucial.  The systems built for these markets must meet strict safety standards, and these certifications meet our customer’s needs,” stated Mark Iverson, Tricor Program Director.

A CSA certification mark means that the Tricor Coriolis Flow Meter has been evaluated and meets the highest safety and performance standards. The formal evaluation process involves months of examination, testing and continuous follow-up inspections.  This new certification is also relevant to customers in the water & wastewater, chemical, industrial paints and other potentially explosive environments.

TRICOR Introduces a Hastelloy Version of the TCM Coriolis Flow Meter

Franksville, Wisconsin- December 18, 2012- TRICOR has announced their 28K TCM Coriolis Flow Meter is now available in Hastelloy. This 1” meter is the first in the series to be made available in Hastelloy, with more flow meter sizes to follow in the coming year.

Designed with Chemicals in mind, the new material opens a broader application range for this product family, including chemical injection, blending & batching, and chemical processing. The 28K flow meter is extremely accurate and can go up to 5000 PSI with accuracies of 0.10 percent for Liquid and 0.50 percent for Gas. Currently the meter has ATEX Ex IIC TI-T6 certification, with expected approval CSA/cUS Class 1 Div 1 expected February 2013.

TRICOR Coriolis Technology (www.tricorflow.com), a brand of AW-Lake Company, focused on Coriolis mass flow measurement technology. With manufacturing & engineering facilities in Wisconsin, Colorado and Germany, TRICOR flow meters are available in two styles: the A Series, incorporating a diamond-shaped tube; and the T Series, designed with a u-shaped tube.

TRICOR Introduces a New Size of the TCM Coriolis Flow Meter Series

Franksville, Wisconsin- May 7, 2012- TRICOR has released the new ½” TCM Coriolis Flow Meter. This is a highly accurate and reliable Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for numerous applications in Liquid and Gas, available at a very reasonable price. The TCM Coriolis Flow Meter is available in 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2”, 1” and 2”.

Designed for Food Processing, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Blending & Batching, Custody Transfer and Paint industries, the new size opens a broader application range for this product family. The half size meter allows consumer to size a TRICOR Meter to flow and not pipe size. The meter is extremely accurate and can go up to 5000 PSI for the Gas Industry with accuracies of .10 percent for Liquid and 0.50 percent for Gas. Currently the meter has ATEX Ex IIC TI-T6 certification, with expected approval CSA/cUS Class 1 Div 1 very soon.

TRICOR Coriolis Technology (www.tricorflow.com), a brand of AW-Lake Company, focused on Coriolis mass flow measurement technology. With manufacturing & engineering facilities in Wisconsin, Colorado and Germany, TRICOR flow meters are available in two styles: the A Series, incorporating a diamond-shaped tube; and the T Series, designed with a u-shaped tube.


AW-Lake Company Launches New Coriolis Brand – TRICOR Coriolis Technology

FRANKSVILLE, WI – June 28, 2011 – As the company continues to grow and fine-tune its brand strategy, a new brand, TRICOR Coriolis Technology, was established today by AW-Lake Company. This new brand is a strategic move on AW-Lake’s part to properly position our new Coriolis flow technology instruments and electronics in the Flow Industry to compete in side-by-side comparisons with the world’s top manufacturers.

TRICOR Coriolis Technology flow meters and transmitters are manufactured and calibrated by Coriolis experts using state-of-the-art equipment in our 43,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Germany. AW-Lake manufactures two styles of Coriolis meters: the A Series incorporates a diamond-shaped tube, and our new T Series was designed with a U-shaped tube. The U-shape is well suited for applications requiring a self-draining meter and where particulate is not a factor in the flow. These new precision sensors have ±0.10% accuracy & repeatability with true zero stability. In addition, they offer easy startup and require virtually no maintenance, because there are no moving parts.

The TRICOR Coriolis Technology website, www.tricorflow.com, was launched in conjunction with this new brand establishment, which provides engineers with technical data on our new Coriolis flow meters, as well as application and company information.