Applications & Industries

TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meters for a Wide Range of Applications

TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meter equipment can be used in variety of different applications and industries to increase process efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve product quality/consistency:

Oil & Gas

Whether 200 miles off the coast, or in a refinery well inland our TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meters offer reliable, accurate results in a variety of oil & gas industry applications.

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With our vast experience in automation and instrumentation, we are also able to understand the requirements for Coriolis Mass Flow Meters in the maritime industry. We offer you field tested and proven solutions that meet rules and regulations – and help you save money.

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TRICOR Coriolis Applications for Chemical Industries


With vast experience in the chemical & petrochemical industries: including organic, industrial solvents, resins and adhesives.
This gives us the ability to match you up with the most appropriate flow solution for your needs.

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TRICOR Coriolis Applications for Coating, Paints, Sealants in the Automotive Industry

Paints, Sealants, & Coatings

Flow Meters in the Automotive Industry are required to handle a wide range of paints, sealants, and coating materials.
TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meters excel at handling these thick abrasive materials, since our Coriolis meters have zero moving parts. This minimal interference allows TRICOR Coriolis meters to provide precise flow measurement.

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Food & Beverage

Whether you’re brewing, batching, or pasteurizing our engineers will find the most appropriate flow solution.
Critical operations of timing, regulation compliance, product quality and consistency will be acquired with ease.

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TRICOR Coriolis Custom Applications

Other Applications

TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meters can be used in a variety of applications because the smooth tube design that allows a wide range material compatibility and delivers precise flow measurement.
TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meters can be used to increase process efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve product quality / consistency.

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